We are Grsl1ace Fellowship, located in Anniston, Alabama (on beautiful Fort McClellan)! Join us Sundays @ 10:15 AM for corporate worship and 9:00 AM for Bible study. We are located @ 860 Summerall Gate Road. We are a Bible-based fellowship, based on the five sola statements of the Reformation; Scripture alone, by Grace alone, through Faith alone, in Christ alone, and for God’s glory alone.

Grace Fellowship is a local church that seeks to glorify God as a part of His Church universal. His glory is the ultimate motive behind everything we believe, teach, practice and represent. We seek to glorify Him by loving Him and growing to know Him greater in His true essence and nature, as revealedWOCAS by His Word, the Scriptures. We also seek to glorify Him by loving others, being used of Him to bring them to know Him in growing relationships and to minister them in His Name.

We might summarize who we are by saying that we are Bible-based and Christ-centered, with strong beliefs in God’s Sovereignty over all things, and His grace in all things. We believe that the Church universal is in need of a modern day Reformation, and that each local church should have a confession of faith accepted by all leaders and participants. We are best described as somewhat Reformed in doctrine, Baptist in practice and evangelism, and Presbyterian in discipleship and local church structure.

Regarding our268169_4796027831524_975953250_n (2) ministries in the church, we believe that they must relate to the scriptural purposes of the church. In general, these Biblical purposes should glorify God, help His children grow, or produce good for all people. In other words, we desire to be used of God in his particular graces for His own children and in common graces for all people. We also believe that truth takes precedence over tradition, people over programs, and spiritual success (fruit) over secular success (numbers). Therefore, all of the ministries and activities of the church should be designed, operated and reviewed for His church.

Regarding our corporate church services, it is common for us to publicly confess different aspects of the 1689 London Baptist Confession, a sola statement, or photo 3an ancient church creed. Although we typically use a liturgy, we try not to be too “wooden”. Liturgy doesn’t have to be dry and boring!

What are some of the characteristics that you will find at Grace Fellowship? You will find an emphasis on God’s transcendence and yet His imminence. He is far greater than us and yet He is near. You will see an appreciation for both the ancient and the contemporary, the new and the old. You will (hopefully) experience depth, but not rigid formalism. You will experience a value for God’s Word and yet a dependance on His Holy Spirit. You will sense a respect and fear of the Lord, all the while being able to relax.

We encourage you to join us this Sunday for corporate worship at 10:15!