Grace Fellowship and Missions

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At Grace Fellowship, we believe every Christian is a missionary. When God saves men and women they become, at the same time, Christ-followers and missionaries. How should members of the local church approach various organized, possibly overseas, missionary opportunities?

First of all, speak with your pastors about your desire. The Bible speaks (in Galatians 6) of sharing all good things with those who lead you. Missions would certainly fall under this category. Your pastors should know that you have the desire for a mission endeavor. Seek their guidance. Your pastors are entrusted with the responsibility of making sure that those within their flock are protected. However, they cannot protect you if they do not know your plan. Too many Christians seek out an opportunity prematurely, before seeking any counsel. At times, Christians can end up yoking themselves with organizations who do not share their values or doctrinal convictions.

Your pastors, at Grace Fellowship, want you to be on mission. However, we want your experience to be the best experience possible. We have a few organizations that we highly endorse. There are others that our members have investigated that we think helpful. We have, unfortunately, have had members who had very negative experiences with various missions organizations. We want to help you prevent such catastrophes. We know that anyone who puts in the effort and work to go on mission evidently is wanting it to be productive and go well. Therefore, let us help you find the right organization.

We want you on mission, whether at home or abroad. If you choose to go abroad, which we hope you do, we encourage you to contact us. Let us help you find the right organization, talk about your goals, your desires, and how you should go about raising support. We do require any member seeking missions support through Grace Fellowship to meet with us first. This ensures that the church is endorsing your particular opportunity, which is biblical and vitally important as you move forward.

Grace Fellowship Current Missionaries

Rod Connor “To Every Tribe”
Jill Rae Johnson “To Every Tribe”
Keesa Dupree (Peru)
Michael Pfleegor (Surinam)
Four Corners Ministries (Uganda and South Sudan)
Jason Kleeber (New Hampshire)
Seth Terrell (Campus Outreach, Birmingham)
Casey Williamson (Campus Outreach, LSU)
Mary Elizabeth Haynes (Reformed University Fellowship, TCU)

Upcoming Missions Opportunities

Possible short-term mission trip with “To Every Tribe” ministries
Ignite Calhoun County